WoFaAK Rural Women's Day, Tharaka Nithi County

WoFaAK chairlady Winfred and the Executive director Daphne during the Tharaka Nithi Rural Womens day
WoFaAK Tharaka Nithi chair Lucyline Karimi addressing the Women during the Rural Womens Day
L-R WoFaAK Young Farmers Rep Antonina, E.D Daphne, Tharaka Nithi CECM Agriculture Mr.Njue Njagi Kaithungu
Women Representative Tharaka Nithi County Susan Ngugi during the WoFaAK rural womans day held iin Tharaka Nithi County

WoFaAK Rural Womens day ,Muranga County

A cross sectional view of women Farmers during the Rural Womens day
WoFaAK representatives handing over the lobby document to the CECM Agriculture Dr. Kiringai and the DCC Muranga
Women march across Muranga Town
NACADA Vice chairperson addressing the farmers on drug and substance abuse
NACADA Central region team
WoFaAK Muranga chapter board members during the WoFaAK rural womens day

WoFaAK Annual General Meeting 2023

WoFaAK Leadership and Governance Training

Participants engaged in group discussion during the Leadership and governance training in Tharaka Nith
WoFaAK Participants from Tharaka Nithi County awarded certificates after completing Level 3 Leadership and Governance training
Group presentation during the WoFaAK group leaders training in Embu County
WoFaAK Muranga group leaders training during the leadership and Governance training


Gender Makes Business Sense Training in Meru County

WoFaAk Women day in Siaya

WoFaAk Women day in Kakamega

Other WoFaAk Photos